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Tiny Habits will Change Your Life

~Slice of Life~ I changed my life, one tiny habit at a time. I know so many people who want to change something in their life and they try do it by making huge sweeping changes that are not often sustainable.  They go on extreme diets after eating nothing but empty calories and fast food….

A Summer Schedule

Slice of Life Why should I adjust my schedule for summer? Okay, here is the deal. Lately I’ve been finding myself at the end of the week realizing that I did not once look at my planner. Which means I let go and some things didn’t get done as I had meticulously planned. The worst…


A Slice of Life This month in the US we celebrate Memorial Day; we celebrate all of our military and especially those who died in service to our country. Here in Michigan it’s the unofficial launch of summer. Many of us are unsure how we will be celebrating and spending our summer vacations due to…

8 Steps to Cultivate Your Ideal Minimal Wardrobe

A Slice of Life: An ideal minimal wardrobe is not a specific number of items, it’s meant to be a wardrobe that is not excessive yet has your back when you need it. Do you have the appropriate thing to wear for the situation and is it clean? That’s it, it’s not rocket science.  I…

4 Tips for Dealing with Clutter

Simple Tips: 1. Find a place for everything. If you have an item (or items) that seems to float from place to place, never finding a home, it’s probably clutter. Let it go. This is a great place to start de-cluttering. Put everything away first, round up all the floating stuff and purge it, then…

Super Simple Massage Oil Recipe

This all natural massage oil will not leave you greasy and sticky. It absorbs well and has a dry finish. I highly recommend using this for back massages with a partner as well as, foot and hand massages on yourself. Do not underestimate the power of massage. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage helps ease…

Beauty Products

Another super messy picture. But hey that is real life right? When it comes to beauty products I try to use something more natural if I can. I’m not perfect in this but I do try. I also try to keep it simple and not overload on the products. This cabinet houses my stuff and…

What I Wear

I didn’t even tidy up my closet before I took that photo…ugh. I would love to have a more simplified closet but…still a work in progress. I have been doing the capsule wardrobe for a couple years and I like having just what I need in my closet with the rest stored in another closet….

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