Idle Hands

A Pandemic Holiday

~Slice of Life~ Look on the Bright Side This year the holidays are going to look very different for most of us. Some of us have sick loved ones, or worse. Some of us will spend the holidays alone, not by choice, and some of us wish we could be alone, even if for just…

4 Ways to Utilize Free Time

Simple Tips: If you are home social distancing, you have probably discovered a lot more free time on your hands. Something I think most of us have craved for quite some time. Make sure not to let this time slip through your fingers, here are four tips to help you. 1. Create a New Schedule…

Creativity: Nurture not Nature

Creativity is not a gift; it is a muscle that can be strengthened with use. Shanna Creativity, according to the Oxford online dictionary means, the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the creation of artistic work. This is one definition and if you Google it, you will find there are many other…


I love to hike; it is one of my favorite ways to stay active. Hiking is so beneficial, you are outside getting fresh air and good for you forest time, as well the fitness. I’m lucky enough to live in Michigan where trails are plentiful. I don’t know what it is about a trail but…


I was inspired to do a “30 day” commitment from another blogger, ironically, not from reading her blog, which I don’t, but from reading the books she publishes based on her blog. Anyway the author is Fiona Ferris, she writes about leveling up your every days to create a better life, using a French theme….

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