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How to Level Up Your Social Life

~Relationship Wellness~ Is your social life everything you want it to be?  According to Merriam-Webster’s definition: social life is the part of a person’s time spent doing enjoyable things with others.  Do you find yourself wishing your friends were more active, creative, or “fill in the blank”. Do you want to try something new but…

What Is Buffering and Are You Doing It?

~Emotions~   Hint: I bet you’re doing it. The Oxford Dictionary defines buffering as, “lessen or moderate the impact of (something).  So how are we typically buffering? When we feel negative feelings and we take actions to “lessen the impact” or buffer the feelings we are having. Usually these buffering actions end up bringing us…

6 Ways to Simplify Your Work Life

~Simple Tips~ 1. Get to Work Early If you are the person who gets to work right in the nick of time or you’re perpetually late, I’m guessing your life is anything but simple. I was perpetually late for both work and social gatherings. I wasn’t super late, but a few minutes never bothered me….

Tiny Habits will Change Your Life

~Slice of Life~ I changed my life, one tiny habit at a time. I know so many people who want to change something in their life and they try do it by making huge sweeping changes that are not often sustainable.  They go on extreme diets after eating nothing but empty calories and fast food….

3 Simple Steps to Solve the Problem of Time

~Simple Tips~ Many people say they’re too busy or they don’t have time; I’m guilty of being one of those people. I find myself feeling like I need another few hours in the day or an extra day each week to get it all done.  Until I finally heard and let it sink in, that…


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