Retirement & Financial Freedom

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Tiny Habits will Change Your Life

~Slice of Life~ I changed my life, one tiny habit at a time. I know so many people who want to change something in their life and they try do it by making huge sweeping changes that are not often sustainable.  They go on extreme diets after eating nothing but empty calories and fast food….

Principles of Voluntary Simplicity

A Slice of Life: Voluntary simplicity is a philosophy that involves pulling out of mainstream consumerism while focusing on improving the quality of your life. Using the following principles, you can create a simple life of quality over quantity. Intention  Intentional living is the number one principle on this list because if you don’t live…

Spend Less…

My place of employment is shut down for three weeks according to Michigans mandate to slow the spread of Corona Virus…so…I will be earning less money and I suspect some of you will also be impacted financially. 2020 is my year of money; I plan to get my financial house in order and, well, I…

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