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A Pandemic Holiday

~Slice of Life~ Look on the Bright Side This year the holidays are going to look very different for most of us. Some of us have sick loved ones, or worse. Some of us will spend the holidays alone, not by choice, and some of us wish we could be alone, even if for just…


A Slice of Life This month in the US we celebrate Memorial Day; we celebrate all of our military and especially those who died in service to our country. Here in Michigan it’s the unofficial launch of summer. Many of us are unsure how we will be celebrating and spending our summer vacations due to…

10 Ways to Build Connection with Teenagers

Recently, I had a realization surrounding a particular teenager that I would like to share with you. Now I will start by saying, I have no children, I’m certainly no expert. This is simply what I have learned from recent experience with my niece. Like I said, I don’t have children, but I do have…

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